There is nothing in life as exhausting as raising a baby. No matter how much you prepare they’re always going to find new ways to surprise you. Babies are exciting, stressful, and time consuming all at once. That time consuming part can be one of the major challenges of having a child.

While we may commit our lives to our baby this doesn’t mean that everything around us doesn’t stop. We still have jobs, bills, housework, and hobbies that we now need to fit around our baby. It’s going to be a challenge and BabyVites is here to make at least some of that easier.

We understand how difficult and stressful it can be to make sure that your baby is receiving all the nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong. We spend hours looking for the best formula, the healthiest juices, and planning meals that will keep them healthy. Unfortunately, not every child is the same and some of us come across issues.

It’s not uncomDHA Vegan Supplementmon for parents to try and mix in some vitamins with their babies meals to get them the nutrients they need, but even babies can be picky with what they eat. Many of the competing baby vitamins out there have a fishy taste to them. This is because unlike BabyVites your average Baby Vitamin is made from fish oil. BabyVites however is made from algae oil.

Why Algae Oil Over Fish Oil

Your average vitamin oil is made from fish because fish are full of the fatty acids that your baby needs to grow up healthy and happy. However, since the oil is a fish oil it can sometimes have a fishy taste to it that many babies do not like.

Yes, even babies can be picky eaters and that’s one of the reasons why BabyVites has chosen to go with algae oil instead. You see, all those fatty acids and DHA that exist inside fish are not natural to them. They get them from the krill they feed on which in turn get theirs from algae.

So we have chosen to skip the fish step and go straight to the source. Algae oil has all of those same vitamins that you find in fish oil, but without any of that fishy taste that has your baby spitting it out.

As a result, BabyVites is a completely vegetarian baby vitamin for you. Mix it in with their formula, baby food, or directly vita drops under their tongue if you wish. It will not give off the fishy taste that many of them would typically fight against.

Is It Vegan?

This baby vitamin, while vegetarian, is not vegan. There is whey protein in BabyVites which is created in the process of making milk. It’s perfectly healthy, but parents with babies that are lactose intolerant should be aware of this.

What’s In It?

There are many Vitamins in BabyVites including:


MCT is a dietary fat usually found in coconut oil and acts as a form of fat absorption in both babies and toddlers. Due to dietary trends and years of misunderstanding, many people hear the word fat and recoil, but it’s not a bad thing. Your babies can have fat in their diety just not too much of it. These healthy fats can be good for your children.

Vitamins, A & E

Is your baby not getting enough Vitamin A & E in their diet? These vitamins are typically found in fruits, veggies, and other highly nutritious foods. Of course, if your child is a baby, you may struggle to get them the nutrients they need in their daily diets.

You need to ensure that your child is getting enough of these vitamins. Kids could grow up to be sickly with compromised immune systems or have poor vision sooner in life than expected without them. With proper Vitamin A and E, your child should have stronger bones, teeth, better eyes, and be less sickly as a whole.

Vitamin D

We receive Vitamin D by going outside and absorbing the sun’s rays. The problem is that you can’t send your baby outside to go play and get some sun. Through BabyVites, you can ensure your child is getting the proper amount of Vitamin D they need.

Vitamin D could technically not be considered a vitamin but rather a hormone our body creates when exposed to the sun. Without this vitamin, your child could suffer from bone deformities or a poor immune system.

Vitamin C

While all Vitamins are important there may be nothing our body uses more of than Vitamin C. Your baby’s body will not be able to create Vitamin C on its own and has to resort to getting it from outside sources like drinks.

Of course, many babies are not able to drink items like juice and other sources of Vitamin C. If you want to ensure that your child is getting enough Vitamin C in their diet then turn to BabyVites as a solution.

Vitamin C plays a huge role in the growth and repair of body tissue. It also helps with body functions such as the absorption of iron and our immune system. While Vitamin C deficiencies are rare in the United States, it can lead to scurvy.


Zinc is an important component for our body that is used in healthy bones and skin. Extremely important for a growing baby. To ensure that your child is getting the proper amount of zinc in their deity you should consider investing in BabyVites as a solution.

We get our zinc from foods and drinks, but babies have to get them from different sources. Supplements like BabyVites can help ensure your child is getting all the zinc they need.

Buy BabyVites Now

Ready to get some baby vitamins for your child? BabyVites are not only available for babies, but children aged 4-12 along with toddlers. You know your baby deserves only the best, and we want to help you give them the best. Get them some baby vitamins so they can continue to grow up healthy and happy.

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact us. If you already know you’re ready for the BabyVites experience, then why not get started on your shopping!