The years your child spends as a toddler are both exciting and exhausting. They’re constantly growing and every day feels like something new. Of course, this is also the time they go through moments of frustration and rebellion. Toddlers are learning a lot about not only themselves, but the world around them and they’re also learning a lot about the kinds of food they enjoy.

It used to be so simple. You just give a child food and sometimes they might fight back and be a little picky, but eventually they would eat. Not anymore. Now your child has favorites and dislikes. Sometimes the ones they dislike are full of the nutrients and vitamins we want to give to our children.

This is where we as parents have to make a decision. Are we going to make it a daily fight to get them the vitamins they need, or are we going to seek out alternatives? If you’re one of those parents seeking a toddler vitamins alternative then we have exactly what you are looking for. BabyVites.

Our oil based vitaDHA Vegan Supplementmin is perfect for infants, toddlers, and children up to adolescence. It has all of those nutrients your toddler needs to continue growing up happy and healthy. Some of the vitamins included are:


MCT is a dietary fat that is usually found in coconut oil and acts as a form of fat absorption in both infants and toddlers. While fat is not a bad thing, as long as your child doesn’t get too much of it, having the proper vitamins in you can help make sure that your child’s fat levels stay healthy and normal for a child.

Vitamins, A & E

Vitamins A and E are great for when toddlers are unable to get the proper amounts in their daily meals. Typically found in fruits, veggies, and other delicious healthy foods these vitamins help toddlers with vision, bone growth, and can even improve their immune systems. 

Without these vitamins, kids could grow up to be sickly with compromised immune systems or have poor vision sooner in life than expected. With proper Vitamin A and E your child should have stronger bones, teeth, better eyes, and be less sickly as a whole.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of those vitamins that we just don’t realize we need more of. Vitamin D is usually gotten from going outside, absorbing the suns rays, and enjoying nature. Of course, not everyone can get outside. Especially when toddlers live in climate that don’t get as much sun. Through BabyVites, you can ensure your child is getting the proper amount of Vitamin D they need.

Vitamin D could technically not be considered a vitamin, but rather a hormone our body creates when it has been exposed to the sun. Without this vitamin, your child could suffer from bone deformities or a poor immune system. 

Vitamin C

There isn’t a single vitamin we need more of in our body than Vitamin C. The human body can’t create Vitamin C on its own so, as a result, our toddlers must get it entirely from the food and drinks they consume. 

Vitamin C plays a huge role in the growth and repair of body tissue. It also helps with body functions such as the absorption of iron and our immune system. While Vitamin C deficiencies are rare in the United States it can lead to scurvy. If your child isn’t able to get much fruit in their diet then BabyVites is a great source of Vitamin C for them.


Zinc is another important component of our body that we can’t make on our own. To get zinc toddlers must get it from the food they eat or vitamin supplements such as BabyVites. Zinc is another component that contributes towards healthy bones and skin, but can also help your child maintain healthy hair as well.

While Zinc can be consumed from food like whole grains or milk, there are sometimes other elements that will block the amount of zinc you absorb. Supplements like BabyVites can help ensure your child is getting all the zinc they need.

The best part? Unlike competing vitamins, BabyVites is made from algae oil. Not fish oil. Not only making it vegetarian, but a perfect alternative vitamin for anyone with toddlers that deal with seafood allergies.

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