BabyVites vitamins was developed by a pediatrician with the goal to ensure the positive growth and health of your children. We do this through a formula that is created with their age, weight and developmental stage in mind. It is full of all those important nutrients that your children need to grow up healthy, happy, and strong.

Two of these Vitamins, A & E are considered essential building blocks in a child’s growth and nutrition.

Our bodies store Vitamins like A & E but children go through those Vitamin A & E storage banks far quicker than us adults do. This is why they typically need more Vitamins in their daily diets. When do these vitamins see use? Well in a growing child it’s going to be almost every day, but they’ll get their most use when children are sick.

You know how when a child is sickly it’s suggested they get more vitamins in their diet? This is because Vitamins like A, C, and E can be used by the body as antioxidants to help build a child’s immune system and prevent them from being sick.

The largest source of these vitamins for children is through foods such as avocado, almonds, spinach, shrimp, and broccoli. None of these sound particularly appetizing for a child right? This is why some parents struggle to get their child the necessary amount of Vitamin A and E in their lives.

There are other factors that can contribute to a lack of Vitamin A or E in a child’s diet. They include:

Vegetarian Vitamin Supplement

  • Allergies
  • Pre-existing illness/condition
  • Children with malabsorption
  • Premature babies

At BabyVites we offer a vitamin solution to ensure that your child is getting the Vitamin A and E they need even if they fall into one of these categories above. Even if your child doesn’t fall into one of those categories and is just someone you want to ensure is getting the proper amount of vitamins in their diet then BabyVites is still perfect for them.

BabyVites is made to be taken by infants and children through adolescence. It is very simple to get into their diets. You can either give them the needed amount of drops for their daily dose of vitamins or you can choose to mix it in with their foods/drinks. The best part is that unlike other vitamin drops ours doesn’t have that fishy taste kids hate so you can mix it in and it will go completely unnoticed. This is great for those of you that have picky eaters!

Ready to get some BabyVites for your children? Then go ahead and shop around here on the website. We will ensure that your child is receiving all those healthy vitamins they need. Have a question about BabyVites? Then use our online contact form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can. Already a fan? Awesome! Sign up for our email list for BabyVite specials.

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