The BabyVites Difference

Unlike most fish oil DHA supplements out there, BabyVites is a children’s omega 3 supplement that has algae-oil based dha with 3 fat-soluble vitamins designed for newborns, infants and children.

The majority of omega 3 fatty acids for children are made of fish oil. Fish do not produce omega three fatty acids. The reason fatty fishes contain high levels of DHA and EPA is because they feast on krill, which are small crustaceans that are high in omegas. Krill, the bottom-dwellers eat phytoplankton (algae and bacteria), which is the fuel that runs the engine of the marine ecosystem. Phytoplankton is algae that is found in both salt and freshwater and create their own energy from sunlight. This important algae is able to produce omegas and therefore it is the only source of DHA for krill, polar bears, sharks, fish and humans. BabyVites goes straight to the source of DHA, obtaining this important omega 3 fatty acids from algae and not from fish. Therefore, BabyVites avoids harvesting many fish for a small concentration of omegas and does not contain impurities or mercury, a proven carcinogen.

BabyVites is an algae oil based supplement containing important omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins for the development of infants and children. Children are our future and ensuring they get the right nutrition and vitamins is essential to this goal. Our brand is sourced from algae oil, not fish oil. Therefore, we could produce large quantities of this essential nutrient without harvesting and extracting fish oil from large quantities of fish.


Although BabyVites is vegetarian (made from algae oil instead of fish oil as the primary source of DHA) it does contain traces of whey protein (dairy-based). Whey protein is the primary source of protein in breast-milk, infant-formula and cow’s milk. Although whey proteins are responsible for some milk allergies, the major allergens in milk are the caseins. Should your baby be found to have a milk-protein allergy, her pediatrician may advise you to switch to either a soy-based formula or a hydrolyzed (more easily-digested) formula to alleviate baby’s symptoms and ensure her thriving and gaining weight appropriately.

Fish allergies?

Since BabyVites is made from algae oil and not fish oil, it is safe for infants and children with fish and shellfish allergies. Some children and infants develop an anaphylactic reaction to fish or shellfish. This potentially life-threatening reaction can occur within minutes of consuming fish products. It includes a sudden drop in blood pressure, hives, difficulty breathing due to airway narrowing and nausea and vomiting. BabyVites eliminates the possibility of this type or any type of allergic reaction to fish or fish products so your baby is safe. That is our promise to you.

Fishy taste?

Let’s face it, most kids are picky, but who likes a fishy vitamin? That’s right, no one. BabyVites was created with your little-one’s palate in mind. We don’t want them to spit it out with that yucky look on their faces. Thank goodness BabyVites is made with absolutely NO fishy taste or smell! Since BabyVites is made from algae and not fish, there is no fishy flavor. BabyVites is super palatable and comes in a yummy raspberry flavor.. There’s no hint of fishiness guaranteed.

Purity tested?

BabyVites promises to provide you with only quality ingredients that are pure and void of any chemicals or carcinogens. Our vitamin is made with nonGMO ingredients in a nonGMO verified and USDA organic certified facility in the Unites States. BabyVites is also made according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations and is third-party tested for purity. We take pride in providing you with the best and healthiest formula for your little one. Dr. Ahdoot, herself is a pediatrician and a mom. After researching the market for a wholesome omega supplement for her kids she was stuck. She couldn’t find something that is nonfishy, nonGMO verified, USDA organic and with sufficient concentration of DHA. Her frustration led her to formulate BabyVites. From her home to yours, we present you with only the most effective supplement for your precious cargo. Good nutrition starts with mommy and continues with baby!