omega-3 for babies

Is your baby getting enough nutrition in their life? Keeping your baby happy and healthy is every parent’s highest priority. We worry over every fall, feel heavy concern over every cry, and toss and turn all night hoping they sleep through the night. We also of course have that same level of concern for their health.

Babies need wholesome nutrition to thrive. They are constantly growing and changing every day. In order to go through the milestones of crawling, walking, and running they need the right nutrition to help their body grow and develop. Many babies get this through normal breastfeeding, food, and formula.

No baby is the same however, and your little angel is special to you. If you are concerned your baby isn’t getting enough vitamins in their diet then BabyVites vegetarian DHA and multivitamin may be the right choice for you and your baby.

Baby vitamins are vitamins that were specifically made with babies in mind. They pack all the nutrients that a baby needs and BabyVites is no different. Our baby vitamins were made to help get your baby the optimal dose of Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, MCT, and DHA (omega-3-fatty-acid). BabyVites is a yummy liquid vegetarian DHA and multivitamin. We have one for infants and toddlers under age 4 and one for kids ages 4 and up!

Every half a teaspoon of BabyVites is loaded with 100mg of DHA, 500mg of MCT (medium chain triglyceride) and the 3 fat soluble vitamins A, D, E. No Sugar!

What is special about BabyVites?

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their children healthy and one of the best ways to do this is through vitamins. BabyVites takes this a step further by not only offering a nutritious vitamin option for babies, but one that also considers other needs such as vitamins that don’t trigger allergies your baby may have.

While many other baby vitamin options out there offer oil-based solutions, those same vitamins are usually made from fish oil. For parents with babies or children that have seafood related allergies, they can look towards BabyVites as an option for them. Fish oil isn’t the healthiest of options to begin with. Oceanic fish are laden with impurities and chemicals. Those same fish are caught, harvested and the fish oil is extracted in a process filled with more chemicals. BabyVites vitamins get their source of DHA from a wild strain of algae in the pristine waters at the Bay of Fundi in Nova Scotia. The algae is collected and fermented similar to making kombucha in a chemical free process to extract the cleanest and purest form of algae oil vegetarian DHA for your infant, baby, toddler and child.

What if my baby is lactose intolerant?

While BabyVites is proudly vegetarian we can not say the same for being vegan. BabyVites does have small amounts of whey protein. Therefore this supplement is the primary source of protein in breast-milk, infant formula, and cow milk. It is full of the exact nutrients that a growing baby needs.

If your baby has a lactose intolerance allergy then there is a possibility that they can still enjoy the wonders of BabyVites. Many lactose based allergies are from the caseins that are in milk and not the whey protein. Speak more with your doctor to understand more and see if whey protein is okay for your child.

Why Baby Vitamins?

Many of the essential nutrients that babies are in need of come from what they already consume plenty of. Breastmilk. However, while breastmilk gives babies plenty of nutrients there are still vitamins that babies need to get more of. One of them being Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiencies

The human body does not produce Vitamin D which means we have to get it from other sources. The way most humans get their vitamin D is through either consuming food that has Vitamin D or taking in sunlight. This is why going outside is very important, but sometimes even that is not enough to get your baby the proper amount of Vitamin D.

This is where BabyVites can help you. Our vitamins are full of the vitamins your baby’s body is craving and that includes vitamin D. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all babies receive routine Vitamin D supplementation and one of the best ways to do that is through BabyVites.

There are of course other vitamins within BabyVites and all of them will help contribute towards helping your baby grow up to become healthy and strong.

How do I get my baby to take these vitamins?

As an oil-based vitamin, the ways to give your baby those vitamins really depend on how your baby reacts to receiving them. One of the best ways to give your baby vitamins is to take the dropper that comes with the BabyVites bottle and give them their dosage by dropping it on the inside part of their cheek.

Of course, not all babies are as cooperative as others when it comes to receiving something like vitamins. Some are fussy and resistant to taking their vitamins. If your baby is taking formula or if you feed them breastmilk through a bottle then one way to give them their extra vitamin dosage is through their milk. Add a few drops to their milk and they will ingest those vitamins without even knowing it!

Concerned about taste? Not a problem when it comes to BabyVites. Many vitamin oils are made from fish oil, but ours is made from algae oil. Fish eat krill which in turn feast on algae and that’s where many of them receive their proteins and vitamins that are in abundance in fish oil. So of course you can get many of those same vitamins by merely using the algae. This has some other benefits as well which makes BabyVites one of the best options for parents.

No fishy taste

Are you concerned that your kid is going to spit out their vitamins as soon as they take them? Well, you are in luck because there is no fishy smell or taste in our vitamins. Your kid will get to enjoy the wonders of vitamins with our fantastic Raspberry flavor. For kids over age 4, you can mix BabyVites with juice, water or add to smoothies and of course you can also give it as is! To maintain freshness and yumminess we recommend refrigerating BabyVites after opening.

Buy your own BabyVites now

Are you concerned that your baby isn’t receiving enough vitamins? Do you need something that will fill them with all the nutrition they need that formula and breast milk just isn’t getting them?

BabyVites is an algae oil based vitamin that allows children the opportunity to get more vitamins in their daily life. It doesn’t have any of that fishy taste or smell and it can be mixed in with their milk so they don’t even have to know they are taking a vitamin. Worried about allergies? Our oil is made to allow children with seafood or shellfish allergies the opportunity to get more vitamins in their life.

Our vitamins and omega-3 for babies have a concentrated dose of DHA and other great supplements that your baby needs. You want your baby to grow up happy and healthy and we can help with that. It’s time to get your BabyVites today.